Los 14 Incas Peruvian Tavern

278 Main St, Shediac, NB E4P 2E3, Canada
(506) 530-0804
The ‘Los 14 Incas Peruvian Tavern .’ in Shediac, a charming tourist destination in the Maritimes, presents a unique experience by blending the rich heritage of Peruvian culture with modern tavern comforts. Named in honor of the fourteen Incan rulers who oversaw the most extensive empire in pre-Columbian America, this tavern pays homage to their powerful legacy and the enduring impact of Incan civilization. Stepping into Los 14 Incas, patrons are immersed in an environment that feels genuinely Peruvian, thanks to its careful integration of traditional and contemporary elements. The tavern's ambiance, highlighted by its food, drink, music, and artifacts, offers an engaging experience that resonates well beyond the meal. It stands out in Shediac and even the wider Moncton area for its distinct atmosphere, making it a destination not just for dining but for a cultural experience. The gastronomy is a particular highlight, showcasing Peru's renowned culinary offerings. With dishes like chicharron and ceviche prepared in the Arequipa tradition—reflecting the owner's roots—visitors have the chance to taste authentic flavors that might be otherwise inaccessible. The Pisco Sour, a favored drink among both tourists and locals in Peru, and other delicacies like the Machu Pichu, further enhance the tavern's authentic Peruvian offering. The combination of delicious food, inviting drinks, and the opportunity for dancing makes Los 14 Incas Peruvian Tavern a magical venue. It's praised for transporting guests directly to Peru through its ambiance and offerings, creating a space where Canadians, Latinos, and visitors from around the globe can connect with the rich tapestry of Peruvian culture. Whether you're after a unique dining experience, a taste of Peruvian heritage, or simply a place to enjoy with friends, Los 14 Incas Peruvian Tavern promises an unforgettable visit.

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Saturday: 11a.m.to2a.m.

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